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May 18, 2022, 11:46:09 AM

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Schematic for Peavey PV215D, PV2015D

Started by paelgin, February 02, 2021, 12:42:00 PM

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Howdy all.  I bought a broken Peavey PV215D (powered speaker system with two 15" speakers and a quasi-3-way output) ("does not pass signal", but found it really out blows fuse) and searched for an electrical schematic for it.  Peavey had not responded to my request in a week, so I went deep-diving in the Internet.

Attached is the schematic I found and downloaded (for free, although it says "Buy it").  If there is a problem with posting this here, please let me know.

In troubleshooting the powered speaker amplifier, I found so far that the power supply is the initial problem.  I found the -VCC side had a shorted FMG22R (dual "fast-acting" diode with common anode in TO220 type package).  I have one on order so I can see what else is wrong, if anything.  One of the two diodes in that package is a total short, and with that device removed from the board, the power supply caps both build up resistance (where the one on the -VCC was always 0 ohms with the device in the circuit).

The amp uses what they call class D amplification, and for the 700 watt rated output, doesn't seem too robust, so it must be very efficient.  (I hope the Peavey watts are as loud as the Fender watts, lol).

I post this in case anyone else needs this and to give back to this forum for the help I've gotten.

Phil in gorgeous Young Harris, Georgia, USA


Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the repair!
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