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December 04, 2023, 01:44:09 PM

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todays noob experiment 2 September 2023 [ SG to BB ]

Started by saturated, September 02, 2023, 01:37:23 PM

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wanted to input signal to BB and check it out

seems SG needs to be added in series

so here we go....
randomly chose 1k resistor then connected SG as PS

didnt want to kill my "new" scope so checked with multimeter first

You cannot view this attachment.

being cautious was tough to get any kind of output...I started on the low output and cranked it up...got some mv reading finally

connected my scope and couldnt get a triggered signal worth crap

repeated the above on high output

You cannot view this attachment.

was still surprised to see small output....idk

but finally got signal on my scope and tried to adjust pp

You cannot view this attachment.

then I remembered what G1 said about dc offset so i checked it and it works like he said but wierd if i went to far it got cut off...clipping?

You cannot view this attachment.

so that was a lot of fun  gonna put this stuff up and contemplate todays events

like why i get the same reading when scope is set to ac or dc...

but i was happy to see the amplitude change when volts per div was changed

as usual thanks for listening
I ask stupid questions
and make stupid mistakes

criticism, critique, derision, flaming, verbal abuse welcome


Not sure what you mean about getting same reading on AC or DC.  On AC, the waveform is centered around the middle '0' line of the scope.  When you apply the DC offset of the generator, the whole waveform shifts upwards, approx. 2 lines on 2V/div setting, so 4 volts.  That is AC signal riding on DC offset.

Turn the generator 'amplitude' all the way down.  You should just get a flat line on the scope.  Adjust the 'DC offset'.  On AC coupling the line should not move, on DC it should.