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December 02, 2023, 12:18:54 AM

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Blackstar ID-30 amp VOICE control question.

Started by PapaJim, June 10, 2023, 04:23:04 PM

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On my ID-30 amp VOICE control the volume is not the same between 6 different settings. It gets louder and at each setting from Clean Warm to OD2.
I want to be able to switch the voice during a song and not need to re-adjust my guitars volume knob always. Is that possible


I'm don't know that amp but Short of reprogramming the chips it's unlikely you can alter volumes. Some digi amps have the ability via software interface to alter parameters so maybe check the manual/ website. If it has a USB port there might be a software app to alter the presets.
You can of course just leave it on one preset and just use OD pedals for more grit.


Short answer is no, you can't do it that way.
This model has 128 programmable patches. So you need to make your 6 patches (or however many you want), set the volume for each patch, save them, and switch between them.
You need the exact footswitch (FS-10) to do that.