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New to forum - Looking for Vox Escort build advice

Started by chumbox, February 09, 2017, 09:10:22 PM

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Hi All

First of all I'm new to this forum, long time lurker.  Been building pedals for a while and now looking at trying my hand at an amp.  Thought I'd start simple with a Vox Escort style solid state design. 

From what I understand the TBA810 chip is hard to get and I should replace that part of the circuit with TDA2030 style power amp.  Since I know little about the process can I literally shave of the preamp section at 0.1uF cap following the volume and then replace the poweramp section with a TDA2030 design?  If this is the case are there good TDA2030 circuits I should be looking at?  I am hoping to pull somewhere in the 10W plus range out of the amp if possible, considering the original was 2.5W.

I apologise for the complete noob questions but I'm pretty excited to be attempting my first SS amp.
Thanks in advance


Just built one on january

look at the general guitar gadgets http://www.generalguitargadgets.com/effects-projects/amps/tda2030-amp/

You can use a TDA2050 for more volume as i did.

the thing about it is that it need a dual powersupply but that should not be too hard to make.

J M Fahey

You have 2 options:
1) if you will always use it with mains power, then build a split supply TDA2030 straight out of the datasheet andnusethepostivevrail to feedbthenpreamp.
2) if you want portability, use a TDA2003 and feed the whole amp with rectified 12VAC, which will give you about 16V DC.
The day you want to rock the beach you use a 12V battery.