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COMPLETED! :D modifying laney combo to rack preamp

Started by GuitarLord66, September 27, 2011, 07:34:28 AM

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I sorted out all the problems and now it works perfectly :) Here's the pictures:

After I finished soldering everything together and adding heat shrink where I thought necessary

After the front panel I designed in photoshop was printed and clear lacquered on, you can see a line where I had to join the two pieces of paper but its not that big of a problem and after the knobs were put on

Once it was put in my rack, I didn't have enough rack screws so I will have to buy some more sometime, doesn't really matter at the moment

A little blurry but here's once everything was turned on :)

Close up on the rack when switched on

And here's some closeups of the preamp in the rack

So happy now it's all finished :)

J M Fahey

Congratulations !!!!!  :dbtu: :dbtu:
It sure looks impressive  :dbtu: :dbtu:

To minimize blurring on low light pictures, use a tripod (best) or a couple books on a table or at least steady both your forearms and wrists on some furniture.
Press the button smoothly and be ready to become a statue for at least 10 seconds, even if it seems to take less to take the picture.
Also take a deep breath before and hold it.

Congratulations again.


Wow! I'd love to hear it. If you ever get any clips you can post...