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Will a 100 mhz oscilloscope probe work on a 20 mhz scope?

Started by Zappacat, December 11, 2009, 01:51:16 AM

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I recently purchased an oscilloscope(PROTEK 6502 20Mhz-2 channel trace Oscilloscope) that didn't have any probes.  By mistake I bought a probe (Avex 10x oscilloscope probe 100Mhz) that has a higher frequency rating.  Can I use the probe with this scope?  What are the implications of using these two together or will they even work at all?

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J M Fahey

Hi zappacat.
It *should* work as a charm, it's higher quality than the original part.


Think of it like this:  You meant to buy 5% resistors and got 1% resistors by mistake.

All it means is your probe can be used in more demanding places than your scope.