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The Newcomer's Forum / Re: CR112 guy here...again
February 21, 2021, 01:42:46 PM
You might learn that a speaker can make or break how an amplifier sounds.

Think of it like this ..Say your car is riding a little rough  do you look at redesigning the suspension when all that is really needed is a set of tires?

Quote from: Micajah on July 07, 2020, 08:44:20 PM
Thanks man - above and beyond! I'll give them a try and let you know what happens.
Others have chimed in on the antiques radio site.
You need to follow the discussion and maybe join in
That's what we do. i just happen to have the ability to google my peers instead of the web for info. But bet your life this info will disappear as the older generations pass on. 

Over on the antiques radio site this is what mikemco said and he's been very helpful in the past

If they're TO-3 devices I'd use a 2N3055 and Mot MJ2955 devices. That's a pretty old design.
Here's the link I posted in asking about them.

no link to schematic

Schematics and Layouts / ibanez tbx15r schematic
June 08, 2020, 08:39:25 PM
Looking for a ibanez tbx15r schematic. I have one that is low vol. Inputting sine at vol or gain pot it is still low. Using the cd input the power amp is working properly.
So if anyone has one that would be great.

It's not your imagination, it's gone.  I pull this site from RSS feeds  and I can see snippets of what was there. Previous links say it's either missing or offlimits.

P.S.  I notified JoeCool85
The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Centre Negative DC Jack
July 03, 2018, 11:56:30 PM
I would too but it's a hella lot easier than redesigning a pedal.

The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Centre Negative DC Jack
July 03, 2018, 09:20:29 AM
Would it not be possible to make an adapter that crosses or flips th polarity?

I think I have made these before for other projects.

To block DC and or to separate 2 different DC circuits.
I'm sure he verified this before putting it in premeir 
heres the link build this one.

looks like a tatalum to me,
Here's a similar one.

If using the headphones do you still hear the buzzing/crackling?

Here is a link to the schematics you will have to direct us to which is the version you have.
To me it sounds like some freeze spray may be needed to suss out the issue.
Is there a line out or FX loop? on this model?