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well that was informative
it just starts over and over if you keep spinning

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.


You cannot view this attachment.

but...alas the task of reinserting this is not easy...connected to each terminal are very fine jumpers....

from what i remember i didnt sever them they basically disconnected just by breathing on them

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thanks guys for the help
yes sir i am stressing my fingers and it is clicking on and off
I am going to put this thing back together bypassing that pot
I just need a new kbpo6 ( edit: 2KBPO6 )which is obsolete..but out there...the one i took out tested good i just dont want to solder it back in. 

so concerning this metronome..nothing makes had what i presume was a dead short...yet the on off switch is open both ways. idk

im wondering now if one of those terminals was making contact with the metal case...hard to tell now that i have gone in and messed up the original conditions.
a good lesson to watch for that kind of stuff next time.
anyhow I dont want to make a habit of disassembling everything and throwing my hands up so that is my plan: solder in replacement bridge rectifier..bypass on off vol switched pot and see if i can get some life out of it.

not to complicate things but another issue..the big dial potentiometer to adjust speed...has no stops...just turns infinitely in either direction.

ok time to get my meter out and take a look

 :)  ::)
well guys I submit my latest quandary  :'(

I wanted to work on that metronome from a while back...I remember getting frustrated trying to ohm test the switched potentiometer.

I could swear i even wrote it down...the black mains? were soldered to the rear terminals...

when I connect my multimeter I get nothing from the rear terminals except "1" which i presume means "open"
turning on and off, all the way in either change
now when I test the other three terminals I get min and max (100k ohm) but the switch doesnt do anything

I have googled the heck out of this and retested and rechecked
it is a clarostat...I saw an ebay pic of one that had a wire from one of the three going to one of the rear

anyhow does anybody know what the terminals on the back are for ?

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.

im guessing they are supposed to be earth or common idk

also there are no markings on the back except a funny looking dogbone shaped symbol....besides manufacturers info

thanks for you help sir I am enjoying becoming familar with some of these terms like 14 dual inline package

I shopped around a bit and found some of the components as well as encountering some more inserting "LS" in the numerical designation.
apart from learning what it stands for "low power schottkey?" no i dont know what it means

You cannot view this attachment.

meanwhile I think I need to go back and see if the 1 pins on the chips on that board are getting voltage..

 :) 14

edit 2...just plugged it in and checked those pin 14 voltages
IC 301 looked pretty good but the other ones only showed about 1.5v...
I was surprised to see anything...that board is pretty rough
who knows

I am really enjoying this set up

very much so

but apparently this Crate Amp was neglected and not played enough and in need of some love

because this slide switch has been cutting in and out and off and on...but getting better with some exercise

You cannot view this attachment.

ok im kinda finished

man the mosquitos are unreal
i had on shorts and sandals and got eaten up all day constantly

i got it put in my room

its pretty ugly

surely there will be some modifications

and the roof is not on the top book shelf yet

i have mixed feelings but its ready to rock....

Peavey...Crate...Peavey....and last but not least...Ibanez

You cannot view this attachment.


ok back at it...gonna build a similar overhead shelf network for my three amps and guitar books etc

first had to go to a construction site and scrounge up some wood

You cannot view this attachment.

then spent a few hours getting nails out

You cannot view this attachment.

lots of nails

You cannot view this attachment.

and finished wood with no nails

You cannot view this attachment.

looking forward to having my amps organized and ready...two Peaveys and a Crate

I just dug into my box of junk to take a look at what ICs I had to see if I could get lucky

You cannot view this attachment.

from left to right...

RS 7400N seven legs

DM7490AN seven legs

S7409 seven legs

a bunch of HCF4040BE eight legs

and a bunch of seven legged sockets....

time to start ordering some stuff

thanks for helping and taking the time to post and attach that content

you rock  8)

and you are right...the data sheets are very interesting....and extremely intimidating  :)

I am relieved..i think..that they are plug and play

I will try to track them down

a brief search last night showed that two are plentiful and 36 cents...another is available for like six dollars but the other one is only available from a place in Canada
thanks again!!  i have some pics like that but the ones you posted above have better resolution...mine have a dark haze and are tough to read..
I have pretty much dismissed desktop computers and monitors as obsolete and dont have one anymore in my work space but i was seriously considering getting one out of storage and bringing it back in so i can actually see and read stuff instead of squinting and zooming images on my phone.

anyway i wanted to ask about this diagram...i had looked at it a few days ago because i wanted to take voltage readings on the legs of the chips.. but i couldnt make sense of it and just scratched my head
especially how 4.8v gets divided into 14v....
You cannot view this attachment.

but then i saw this one

You cannot view this attachment.

and was further lost...i have a lot to learn obviously

then they had separate little boolean bullet symbols for IC I need to do some homework on this stuff

anyway have a great week end


thanks guys

it is SO-4540

which (I think) means preassembled...

ok i wanted to fix my heathkit oscilloscope but alas i feel its journey has possibly reached its end

I kept probing carefully around the low voltage ps stuff and got decent voltages...kinda started to look at the sweep trigger board and four ICs located there

tried to get some voltages without much luck...

decided to unplug IC303 and as gentle as i could be to my horror when it came out some of the pins broke off or disintegrated...

You cannot view this attachment.

i guess i could buy new sockets and new ICs....idk

i dont even know what they are....yes looks like some water/humidity damage there

i live in the swamp and this was in a building for years with no a/c and leaky roof

You cannot view this attachment.

so TLDR if i could obtain the sockets and chips at a reasonable price that would be a good project for me

edit..apparently said component is motorola 443-4
some more groundbreaking earth shattering cutting edge work today  ::)

wanted to connect signal generator to amp

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.

that was fun
but too easy and predictable

better yet would be to have the amp opened up and try to find the signal by probing around on some components

i made a video with outer limits sound effects


i tried it out for a while but didnt get too far

You cannot view this attachment.

amazingly all 4 lights at the bottom work

its def responding...if i turn the second digit to zero the meter deflects

You cannot view this attachment.

and back to one which i presume is goes back

You cannot view this attachment.

oh well that was fun

time to catch the rest of some football
so i wired up the replacement power cord..which wasnt looking so great either  ::)
no matter how far back i peeled back the outside sheathing the insulation on the interior wires was crumbling
but it appeared the white insulation was more i went with it

also the wierd lookin fuse was blown
i do not have anything that remotely resembles this

You cannot view this attachment.

so based on the markings i scared up a plain ol 1/4 amp fuse and stuck it in

next up connected my UDBT (ugly dbt)

powered up...turned it on and all was eerily quiet

You cannot view this attachment.

I thought well something is open somewhere...this is too good to be true...was fixing to disconnect everything and to my astonishment saw a light on

You cannot view this attachment.

so i guess my next move is to input a known voltage and then try to rotate the bottom knobs until it matches up....