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Ok guys!

Being a Vet, there are certain holidays like Memorial Day, 4th Of July, and Veteran's Day that mean a WHOLE lot to me. What does this have to do with guitars, amps, and music in general? Well, outside of the fact that music is what got me in a zone whenever my unit was in a "Hot Zone", absolutely fooking nuthin'.

I know you've seen the Marshall Cabinet Emulator... Some may have even tried it... An amplifier is only 1 part of an overall sound. The cabinet is the other part. Speakers and cabinets work together to give you an overall tone.

In Short... Here's the Boogie...

Triaxis Cabinet Simulator Schematic

Cabinet Simulator Parts Layout


PLEASE... Double check the schematic to make sure I have everything right. I need an extra set of eyes.... If there's anything I need to adjust, let me know and I will do what I can.... I'm not the greatest PCB designer as this is only my 2nd or 3rd from scratch, so it is a bit large for the component count.... Comments, criticisms, bitches, etc... shoot me a PM or leave me a post....

1 thing I do plan on this weekend is putting in bigger pads to solder to.... When I printed it out, they were thin... That will be updated on the final PCB....