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The Newcomer's Forum / Re: Marshall 1986 Bass - SS Copy
February 04, 2014, 02:42:52 PM

We have a guy in our community who did a FET copy of JCM800. You can listen/compare here: link to samples on his website.
If it is close enough for you then the answer is yes, you can.
If you and the rest of the guys are interested, I could give some more detail - most of the works are in Russian at the moment.

As for the second part, I would suggest starting from the beginning and reading something like the Art of Electronics (studying it myself)

Anyway, I'm in the same boat as you are at the moment, though I had some substantial vacuum tube design practice.

Cheers and welcome.

Fender princeton reverb? (if you need a tube one)
Tubes and Hybrids / Re: Help with Vintage '68 Champ Amp
January 30, 2014, 03:55:37 AM
We have a set of standard regulations regarding electrical wiring in living areas here in Russia that are obligatory for following. If you mess with these and someone gets hurt because of this - you go to jail, so it is serious stuff
Naturally they changed over time, and any old equipment is always a pain in the side, therefore I totally agree with phatt - its better to consult with a certified electrician.
Tubes and Hybrids / Re: Help with Vintage '68 Champ Amp
January 28, 2014, 01:13:17 PM

This potential can indeed be leaking via the transformer's parasitic capacitance, and unfortunately I don't remember what trannys they used back then.

Where did you connect the third (ground) wire of the new cable in the amp? Is the 220/110 step down transformer grounded?
Software / Re: wav2pwl for OrCAD simulation
January 27, 2014, 05:16:41 PM
Fixed some bugs and added the complimentary utility to convert the simulation results (.csd) back into audio:

Link to the box.

Cheers guys :)
Software / wav2pwl for OrCAD simulation
January 25, 2014, 07:54:13 AM
Hi, guys!

I thought I'll just throw in a little program I came up with when I got to reamping virtual circuits in OrCAD. I don't know if anyone here is into it, but anyway here it is:

Link to my box

It is a command line program and requires Python 2.7.X to run, but I can try and see about that if required.

Some features:
- supports wave audio up to 88.2kHz / 24b;
- Supports multichannel wavs (the channel to convert is chosen via the '-c' option);
- Works fast (a minute of maximum supported resolution audio gets converted in 45 seconds. You can benefit further using lighter wav format and quicker HDD);
- Does not lock up and shows progress;
- Can be interrupted via standard Ctrl+C combination at any time - even when writing data to file - all offloaded data gets saved;
- Shows help if run without arguments.