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and i have decided to invert the shelves (per my original design)
yes originally the two shelves were intended for the  2x4s to be on the bottom and plywood on top
but then i was like dude you are wasting too much at the last minute i decided to go with the current configuration....which isnt working

so first day off and dry weather i will undo it and flip the shelves 180

and add a few gussets here and there

I have some long strips of idk....1x3 or something i do want to put on the edge of the shelves for some SMALL LOW toe board

after that i will be looking to organize cables...test leads...probes etc somehow


i have an old craftsman miter saw i got cheep it aint much but it sure helps alot cutting 2x4s especially at angles

I also have a big table saw i brought home from off the curb it works good but i was struggling with it mightily. halfway thru a cut of plywood it would get in a bind and a thermal switch would cut the motor off.
frustrating indeed....

an older gentleman friend of mine explained i need to utilize the fence to keep everything moving straight.

alright well i was getting kinda tired of the stacked massive 12x12s and coffee tables
so rather than lay on the couch and watch football (at least what we in the US call football)  I decided to build a new set up from existing lumber gathering dust

You cannot view this attachment.

it was very muggy and humid out....

You cannot view this attachment.

finally got it in and everything swapped out

You cannot view this attachment.

and its immediately obvious as i lay here on the couch finally watching the evening game that those 2x4 toe boards have to go

oh well not tonight

its a work in progress i suppose

looks more like some bunk beds than work space

it is def much lighter than the previous set up so that is an improvement

I was watching a video on my tv and took a pic of the screen

anybody recognize these guys  :P

You cannot view this attachment.
pretty interesting
I think in my case some broken glass put the impeller in a bind and so the pump motor burned up

I tried bringing home washers and dryers for a while and fixing and selling but i guess the mentality is different these days
nobody wants a bulletproof roper or kenmore that will last forever....

oh well rant over

while I got you here I am really struggling with trying to understand how to be safe with oscilloscope grounding.
I was going to put a two prong adapter on the cord to unground it but maybe that is not a good idea.

I dont plan on working on any old tube amps or crazy vintage receivers anytime soon.

I will continue to try and learn how to keep my work safe.

thanks for your help.
btw sir I had no idea what an HV Megger I enjoyed reading about it.

nothing to do with it but reminded me of when i was trying to fix our dishwasher.
I removed the circulation pump and tested was some crazy number like in the mega ohm range.
I was like "yep thats no good!" and ordered a replacement.
when the replacement arrived I checked resistance on it...and it was the same.

however the replacement pump fixed the dishwasher.

later i was reading that those pumps(motors) are something called ? continuous phase synchronous ? motors


EDIT  supposed to be SINGLE PHASE
thank you sir i will ask him if he wants to part with them

I did some more breadboard tonight same experiment but with a 100 uf cap across a resistor

You cannot view this attachment.

im confused by that 0.4v but i think my ground adj is off or something having to do with where my scope probes are...idk

its probably supposed to be 0.0v

but the scope def shows what happens

and the multimeter showed the dc circuit voltage readings were unchanged by the capacitor

hello sir here is another pic

You cannot view this attachment.

and of the complete device which purpose is unknown

You cannot view this attachment.

brief google of "F. F. Hutton" shows they were active 1950s era and known for pneumatic devices.....

probably not much help but here is rear

You cannot view this attachment.
  I looked at that tayda website they seem like some good people i will have to try them out next time. 

I unearthed this yesterday wondering if i could use it

You cannot view this attachment.

despite being out in the weather they actually still spin

says powerstat 20

You cannot view this attachment.

probably too far gone to be useful
thats cool that you like pedals

maybe somebody would like to see my old pedals

here is one i bought almost 40 yrs ago

You cannot view this attachment.

i actually never cared for it much made it sound like a chainsaw

thank you sir i am using a jameco board

You cannot view this attachment.

pretty funny last night at work i was calculating voltage drop for the ac circuit and trying to figure out which side was +

so i was like oh yeah look at the terminals of the bnc cord from the SG

then later i was

....oh ok........ ::)  :)

ok i repeated the experiment...and did the measurements for 5 b

still need to do the calculations 5 a

You cannot view this attachment.

also my scope and probe needs to be calibrated...


also that dc measurement at point d looks better this time

got tons of pics but figured i would chill out and stop posting millions of pics
if you need to look at something let me know

the capacitor i used is electrolytic was in a pickle about the orientation....
 :o but its still alive

thank you sir

here is the reference

You cannot view this attachment.

You cannot view this attachment.

i thought it would be the 1 v riding on the dc like a 25v tall wave

at the end of the day all i did was make a dc circuit


ok after further review....looks like i need to work parts 5 and 6

i did a breadboard experiment where i measured voltages and calculated voltage drops

also they wanted me to take measurements at certain points rather than across each component

You cannot view this attachment.

and im amazed at how close they came out...although i messed up on point D gonna have to redo the experiment

You cannot view this attachment.

even though i had the ac? portion of the circuit on the left it was a non factor as I couldnt really get anything out of it.
maybe that was the point

still im missing that 1v pp

gonna have to do some more calculation

figured i was starting too many threads and it would be better to keep it all in one place

gonna be posting some stuff that is painfully obvious to the more skilled members here yet is an epiphany for me  ::)

btw everybody here has been super cool and helpful

so here we go

yes sir just looked it up....

there is a schematic for the inside...transistors...diodes...zeners...resistors...



but thats cool i had wondered if some transistors are simply called voltage the one we put in my Peavey Audition Chorus because they have three legs and look like transistors.

so the answer is