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November 29, 2022, 01:55:05 PM

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potential project, need advice ?

Started by troublerat, May 25, 2009, 08:33:03 PM

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I have acquired an altec lansing subwoofer for computers. The speaker [at least one of them] as it has a tweeter or probably an small midrange built into the subwoofer is probably blown. It has a rattling sound. I got this thing for the sole intention of roguing  it for the torroid for another project. The torroid has 120 prim.with dual secondaries ac out 14.77 volts into the two rectifiers out of the rect. dc I get 19.95 volts. The power chip used is KIA6210Ah  dual 22 watts. I could extract the torroid and be good to go for my next project.But what I was thinking was if I could change some components on the board modifying it for guitar use. I know its rolling off treble so I would have to undo that but I can extract everything from the case easy enough. It has one lm 324 and one ne 572n[?] I am in the mood to tinker and this is the perfect project for it. I think I have some good building blocks. Thoughts comments suggestions from the experts.


The chip is a dual channel 22watt, by looking at the data sheet c2 controls the low rolloff.


This circuita has on board compander chip NE 572. I guess my ignorance is showing but I suppose this is what controls the low rolloff.