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February 08, 2023, 10:01:10 PM

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"Dry" Guitar Signal Recording Wanted

Started by Tassieviking, February 14, 2022, 10:00:35 AM

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I love making up pedals, amps etc for my daughter and myself.
My problem is that I can barely play guitar, and no way would I like to hear what I play.
When I make up an Amp, like I am doing now, I would like some way of testing the sound,
I would love it if someone who can play an electric or bass (or both) could record some dry tones and leave a recording that anyone can use.
If I came up with the best pedal ever, and then plucked or strummed my cheap guitar it would sound like a dogs dinner and no-one would like the sound sample.
Lets call it:  Sample1-Chord set,   Sample 2- Plucking etc. Or Sample 1- Stairway intro....
If we could all send the same signal into our gear and then post samples we might get a better understanding of what someone else has made.
This makes sense to me, but I know bugger all about it really.
Soo... Could someone who has the recording gear please make some test tracks up for me with a clean dry signal please. ???

Also while I am asking about this, what would be the best way to inject the signal, I can use a computer signal out, DVD player signal out, Phone (Windows 8).
How much should I drop the signal from say a computer sound card to mimic a guitar out. 5 meg resistor with a 1 meg pot ? A small op-amp circuit for high Z ?
All comments good and bad will be greatly appreciated, thank you
There are no stupid questions.
There are only stupid mistakes.


For clues on the subject Google "Reamp box".
There are a few DIY circuits around if you search,, I have no idea how well they work. :-\
Just download a few guitar tracks and play back through a reamp unit into Pedals/Amps.

I found this with a search and likely many more exist.