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November 26, 2022, 11:53:51 AM

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Soldering Station

Started by Fifth, October 16, 2020, 04:17:45 PM

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I go8ng to replace my ageing iron with something less primitive. Do you have any suggestions. Don't want to go over £100 if I can help it. I am graduating from guitar repairs to include amp work but want to spend a good year learning first about amp stuff. So love this site


Visit shops or repair techs in your area and ask what they use, and if they would buy another one when that one dies.  What do they like and dislike about it.

I have used Weller irons all my electronic life.  I like the WTCP series, but they make a variety.  I also use Pace equipment.  More costly but I like it, been using my Pace desolder station for decades now.

But there are other good brands like Hakko that I have never used, but many like them a lot.  So you can find good equipment that is not what is in my shop.


Thank you. I had noted the weller but may bring down my budget a bit as I'm a newbie on amps.


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I use the Weller WLC100.  It's a 40watt setup, not temperature controlled per-se, but you do have the dial which controls the wattage (and hence temperature) really well.  They go for $40-$60 USD depending on where you find it.

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