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December 09, 2022, 04:09:48 AM

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Peavy 130 Special needs some TLC

Started by LoveChet, July 10, 2020, 09:01:53 AM

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I just obtained a free Peavy 130 Special beside the road however they must of trashed it for a reason.
I'd like to get it operating. I fix my own Deluxe Reverb tube amp but havn't tried to fix a solid state amp.
I was an electronics tech by trade way back and know transisitor theory, NPN,PNP sensitive to tests etc.
I checked out the components and all appear good, ie no burned resistors etc.
The speaker looks good but its disconnected but not sure where to connect it.
I also assume it had a reverb tank but its missing (four pins in center of psb I believe)
Where do I start

Thanks in advance

Gary from Western Mass

Jazz P Bass


Wire a plug to the speaker and plug it into the SPEAKER jack on the rear panel.

test the speaker with a 9v battery.

Reverb pan is 4EB2C1B.  or equivalent.


My main concern was whether or not I should fire it up without doing any tests on components so that I don't burn somehing out.

If I can fire it up I will just attach a spkr plug and pliug it in back Either jack I assume is ok.

Will it operate without or should I operate it without the reverb pan hooked up ?  I dont know but maybe its ok to operate without but you just wont get any reverb.


It doesn't care about the reverb.

Look up "light bulb limiter" and make one and use it.


Whats the deal with the talk about the internal speaker.
They say if the internal spkr is connected don't plug in àn external.
Spkr else could fry power transiators.


It wants 4 ohm load so I assume that the internal (on board)
Spkr is 4 ohm. So if the spkr on board is 4 ohm I can just use that
And be done.


It is rated down to 4 ohms, but an 8 ohm load will make it perfectly happy as well.  Take your pick.  What speaker is in it?  As far as I know the stock speaker in those is a 4 ohm Scorpion.

If I understand your concern:  the amp is rated for 4 ohms minimum load.  The internal speaker is plugged into the amp.  If the internal speaker is already 4 ohms, then there is no capability left for an external speaker.   If the internal speaker is 8 ohms, then you can ALSO use an external 8 ohm cab.  The two together make a 4 ohm total, and that is fine.

Or you can unplug the internal speaker and use an external 4 ohm cab of choice.


Thanks Enzo on spkr, I got it

I plan to build the light bulb limiter, test the spkr, 
hook up a spkr, and then fire it up. If light goes out I'll
let it sit and bake for awhile before turning up any knobs.


Bill Moore

I had a Special 150 a while back that I brought back to life. The output side fuse was blown. I changed all the output transistors, and after advise from knowledgeable folks here, and elsewhere, I pulled and tested all the (driver?) transistors. After i replaced them, all is well! (dim light, intact fuse, and of course, sound!)