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my amps volume goes down then back up again? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Started by fenderman33, October 21, 2009, 05:57:38 PM

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hi ive got a peavy  bandit transtube 112 the older version i bought it from the pawn shop and its a great amp, but i plug in turn it on and start playing all of a sudden the volume goes down then a minute later it goes back up? no matter what channel its on or volume settings, and when it goes down u can still hear my playing but its like some invisible gremlin is turning the volume down!! i need to know if this is something where i can get a replacement part and fix myself or spend the MONEY for a guitar shop to fix it. i hope i given enough info for someone to help cause i really like this amp, thanks for any info you can give me, help me to play again AMPLIFIEDDDDDD!!!!


PV transtube WHAT 112?

You got an FX loop?  Plug a cord from send to return.  ANy help?   Got a preamp out next to a power amp in jack?   Plug a cord from pre out to power in.  ANy help?   Got an "insert" jack on the front?   Plug something in and out of that a couple times.  Does that bring the sound back?  or if the amp was OK at first, does thart make it act up? (Note: it will cut out the signal while a plug is in the insert jack.  SO just poke in and out.)


OK, it is a Bandit.

Looks to me like it has both sets of jacks - pre/power and the FX loop.  DO the tests.