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Amplifier Discussion / First Act Amps
October 23, 2009, 10:19:56 AM
Well I finally got into Boston and headed over to First Act on Boylston.  Its a pretty funky place.  Unfortunately I dind't have a camera.  They have a lot of guitars, some designed by them and made in China.  Cheap $150-$500.  Other made in Somerville by hand going $1000-$3000.  Very differet custom designs but all looked relatively well made.

The Amps that previously discussed on this board are there.  And they work as advertised.  Pretty amazing for under $80. 

They also have a bunch of custom special stuff kicking around.  One custom amplifier was a boutique made JTM45 clone.  All handwired.  Very well done.  They only want $800.  With Green Celestions. If your ino town you have to go there.

The play-budget is tight right now, but I sprung for a new toy.  This ipod dock that has a guitar input with volume, tone, and crunch, control.  It actually mixes the signal pretty well, and the 40W amp pumps enough bark.  Not a bad deal.  Sure beats paying Bose a few hundred dollars.  Here is a pic.
[<table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href=""><img src="" /></a></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:11px; text-align:right">From <a href="">Drop Box</a></td></tr></table>Poncho
I started this thread to to create a central point for understanding what the major vendors are using for their power amp section in their product lines.  I think there is a lot to be learned from their designs as well as track records for reliability and performance.

Many vendors are now using power IC audio amps with good results.  If you have information to share based on your own newer amps or experience under the hood, please share.  Please keep conjecture, hypothication, and SWAG to yourself. "Just the facts Mam".