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Grounding out the very tip of the plug switched it to channel 3. Grounding the ring made it switch between 1 and 2.
Yes. I am using a TRS cable and stereo output jack. Would you mind clarifying your last sentence as if you were talking to a child😀?
Results indicated the need for momentary switches. I built the box with momentary switches and got the result I mentioned above.
I hate to belabor this but I have built this foot switch to the best of my knowledge but button 1 switches between channels 1 and 2 just fine and button 2 does nothing, so I am unable to switch to channel 3. Any further suggestions would be amazing and appreciated. Also, again, if anyone has this switcher, I would deeply appreciate any interior photos of the layout. Thanks again!
Thanks Joecool85!!!
Thank you. I will test that as soon as I can. It is a 3 channel amp, so if there's any further technical info to make things work correctly to switch between the 3, I'd sure appreciate it. Like I said, I am new to these concepts and am looking for greater understanding. Thanks all!
I'd like to start by thanking you all for having me in your forum! I'm new to both solid state amps and to electronics builds. I am wondering if anyone here has a schematic or wiring diagram (makes noob blood boil just slightly less) for the foot switch that works with the Randall RG1003H amp head. It seems I'm deeply allergic to the idea of paying $100 for this foot switch (when they can even be found). If not, I would humbly ask if an owner of that foot switch could take a good picture of the layout and post it? Anything would help. Thanks, again!