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April 02, 2023, 08:35:59 AM

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Watts vs Volume (db)

Started by joecool85, December 22, 2010, 08:56:56 AM

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The output impedance from the tube is between 3k ohms and 8k ohms depending on what tube you are using. however I agree with most of what you are saying , the real difference is drum roll please , the tube is indeed a constant current source due to the output transformer , the transistor amp has it's signal dump directly onto the speaker. Myself I have and use both types tube and solid state I prefer the solid state for keys because the amp I'm using is a Peavey Musician you can use it for anything , best frequency response I have ever seen from a stock production amp. for guitar and bass I usually use tube amps because of the output power , I generally don't use anything larger than a 50 watt guitar amp for Bass I use my vintage Ampeg SVT with a 8x10 cab and a 15 jensen that I really don't remember where it came from I"ll put it up against any 500-1000 watt bass rig anytime lol


Such a good thread. While I am fairly novice to guitar amps and their application, I used to compete in car audio and many of the same principles apply here and have been stated.

Every 3dB is doubling the volume. So to double the volume get a 3dB more efficient speaker, double the cone area, or double the power. In car audio completion you could also port the enclosure to give 3-9dB boost at the frequency the port is tuned for.


Quote from: MTmopars on April 05, 2014, 10:08:39 AM
Every 3dB is doubling the volume. So to double the volume get a 3dB more efficient speaker, double the cone area, or double the power.
No.  It was established that it takes 10db to double the volume in the first post  :).
The 3db boost in volume from the methods you mentioned does not double the perceived volume.
  In car audio competitions you measure SPL.  Does a given system with a 200W amp sound twice as loud as the same system with a 100W amp?
Double the power does not equal double the volume, you need 10db increase to sound twice as loud.


I stand corrected on part of my post. 10 db is doubling perceived volume. 3db is the gain from doubling power or speakers. It has been about 10 yrs since I was active.


I'm straying a bit here but.... I think perceived volume has a lot to do with the amplifiers natural EQ curve, cause if an amplifier has a good mid range response, and is of good quality it is going to be LOUD. I've owned many different amplifers, tube and solid state, and the higher quality solid state amps like the Randall RG's and Ampeg SS and VH series heads through a good cab are just as loud as equally rated tube amps, and they cut no problem too (when dialed in right). No one can say an Ampeg SS-150 or Randall rg100es can not cut through a mix, they cut through like butter.