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Amplifier Discussion / Marshall Lead 12 testing and repair questions.
« on: January 28, 2020, 01:20:57 AM »
There have been some threads about fixing Lead 12 problems and, yes, I have read them.  But they either don't address my problem or the thread just fizzles out.  First post here...always been a tube guy but I have this thing and I wanna fix it.

I've got the Lead 12 combo and it is making poop sound.  Hard to describe.  Sounds like I plugged my guitar into an AM radio and way overdrove it.

So I think the trans is good.  I've replaced the bridge rectifier and filter caps but no change at all.  Pulled the output transistors and tested them (ok) then replaced the thermal paste and reinstalled.  Not blowing fuses.  Just hardly any output at all unless you get the volume turned way up.  Anything less than 75% volume and the speaker just spits out this weak, fizzy resemblance of distorted guitar strumming.

Where should I be looking?  Such a simple layout it shouldn't be hard to track down but I'm not a tech.  There's some smart dudes here...sending out an SOS!

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