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Fender Stage 112 SE - Transformer wiring


Hi all.  I was hoping to find someone with a Fender stage 112 SE that could show me a picture of the wiring points of the transformer (a picture is worth 1000 words, right?).  I had a friend bring me this amp hoping I could wire it back together.

I've been over the schematics but not really finding a related point to work with on the PC board.

Thanks in advance.

Jazz P Bass:
Where are you located ?
Are you wiring it for Domestic (110Vsc) or Export (220Vac)?

Here is the 'Domestic' layout.

Blk (CP8)and Wht (PS4) are the Primary leads from the Mains plug.
I can only surmise that the Wht wire (PS4) indicates Power Switch tab 4.

Red -Ylw- Red:  is the 45 Vac taps with Ylw being the Center Tap
Blu- Brwn- Blu is the low voltage Vac tap with Brwn being the Center Tap.

The tabs on the PCB should be clearly marked.


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