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12 v tube preamp

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I've seen a few references to building tube preamps e.g.
Any comments on whether this is worth doing e.g. will it really sound any different to  solid state version?

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The tube-purists will hate the starved-plate designs but I’ve done this myself by altering a tube-screamer. It was noce and spongy distorted, but a little noisy (I used mini co-ax cable for critical runs). I was a tube-purist also until I got a Radial Tri-Mode ToneBone for $5 off a broken hardware table at Sam Ash. It only needed a 15V regulator to fix, and was yet another starved plate design. I liked how it sounded so I tried it with the tube screamer as a side-project.


Some theory, and some ideas for improvements.

Great article, man! The Butler patents are worth checking out too.

I ordered some 12*U7 and sockets and am going to give this a try.
I see that there are some hybrid amps e.g. the Orange Tiny Terror which has a 12 AX7 preamp and uses a 15v power supply. Is that likely to be a starved plate or is the voltage stepped up internally? Is this a realistic option for DIY?

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