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"Fatboy Effects" by Ricky Don Vance (RDV)

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Ricky Don Vance, RDV, passed away on February 5, 2010.  He was an avid guitarist that was into diy electronics.  He was one of the people from that suggested someone start a site all about solid state guitar amps - without Ricky, very well may have never come to be.  He was also one of our Moderators here as well as someone I was honored to call my friend.

Ricky shared many schematics and sound clips online and I have collected as many as possible.  

Enjoy.  We'll miss you Ricky.

Schematics for Blendable OD/Distortion, Dr Boogey with mods, Brion55 Guitar Preamp modded by RDV, Heavy Metal Pedal (BMP Version), Heavy Metal Pedal (Light Version), (Not So) Super Simple Pre-Amp 6, RDV Overdrive, Shrunken Head w/RDV Mods, Tonebender MKII with RDV mods, Tonebender Mk II vero layout, Vox Type SS Preamp, Yet Another Mini-Booster

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These are the 3 mp3s I have from his band "The Intentions" and one he did on his own.

Axis Fuzz

Chipamp samples


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