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July 22, 2024, 06:11:57 AM

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AC30/6 ticking/motor boating noise

Started by Psabin8951, March 31, 2023, 10:20:41 AM

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Having resolved rectifier issue on this amp and having replaced all tubes the amp now works BUT when I plug a guitar lead in, what is a barely audible tick becomes loud and clear. Turning the cut control down makes it worse. It is there where tremelo circuit is on or off.
The tick pattern is constant changing to a harder tick every few seconds.
Can anyone assist? Is it a filtering cap gone awol?


Does the trem speed knob change the speed of the tick?
On most trem circuits the LFO still runs even if it is switched off.
Maybe check you have the right valve in the tremolo socket as that can cause issues.
Poke around the trem circuit with a wood chop stick and see if you can hear any change.


A video or even audio clip showing the issue would help as well.
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