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July 12, 2024, 08:52:45 PM

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Acorn Amplifiers unveils "Solid State" - now you can sound like a practice amp!

Started by joecool85, April 03, 2022, 06:06:36 PM

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Apparently Josh Homme wasn't joking when he said that the Peavey Decade (inexpensive solid state practice amp from the 1980's) was "his secret weapon" for the Queen's of the Stone Age sound.  Ever since he announced this a year ago, people have been buying the old amps as well as trying to emulate the sound.  Now it's Acorn Amplifier's chance.  Their take on it is a pedal that doubles as a 10 watt pedal board amp.  They call it the Solid State.  Super original name, and super generic.  Solid state amps can (and do) sound like anything.  It'd be like a baker calling their new muffin the "Wheat".  It takes like it has wheat in it...

Acorn Amplifiers wants $299 USD for this, and who am I to judge?

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How did I not notice this sooner? Yeah, I read that interview. Those amps have now jumped a 'decade' in price all over ebay, craigslist, etc. I remember my sweetheart was doing opening sets at a lot of metal shows about 10-12 years ago. A lot of the junior shredders were showing up with low-end Peavey amps like these. They get great sound when they're mic'd.

This reminds me of that Jimmy Page interview many years ago, when he revealed that he did the entire first Zep album with a Tele and a 22-watt Supro amp. Little Supro amps of every description skyrocketed in price afterwards. They do sound great though, as do those little Peavey Decades.

What I want to see is a pedal based on the Heathkit TA-16. Now there's a unique sound.