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Carvin sx 100

 Have been fixing a Carvin sx 100w amp .  one of the boards is dated 1997 and has a transformer power supply.
 It has a single chip with 15 pins , Carvin 60-72940 labeled  power amp .

Nothing on the web , but with some serious solvent was able to reveal a TDA7294 100W DMOS Audio Amplifier.
So have one on the way , the line out & send & controls  all work , so maybe it will come back to life with a $10 chip.

Was there DC at the speaker?  If so  lightly take our hand and push the speaker in, it should move smoothly, if it is stiff you may require a new speaker also.  I just had a Kustom powered subwoofer with that chip last nite that died taking out the speaker with it .


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