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Amplifier Discussion / Thunderfunk with Dead Power Amp Board
« on: May 03, 2021, 05:27:54 PM »
Hello all,

First post on this forum. I have a decent background in Tube amp repair, but am just really digging into transistors.

I have a Thunderfunk bass amp where the power amp board has failed and immolated itself beyond repair. The amp is fairly obscure and no replacement boards, service documentation, or schematics are available.

The power supply and preamp and working, so I'm thinking this may be a good candidate to receive a 'drop in' Class D power amp board.

The amp was originally 550W into 4Ohms, so I've been looking at  the ICE 500ASP which has similar specs.

The supply in the amp is +/-94VDC and +/-24VDC, for the ICE module I need 42-85VDC  (nominal 75v) and +/-12VDC.

For the +/-12VDC line I was thinking of using a DC/DC converter into some LM7812/7912 regulators.

What would be a good way to drop 15-20V or so or so on the B+?

Anything else I should consider that I may have missed?

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