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Randall rg120 buzz

Started by dmartn149, April 02, 2011, 07:08:55 PM

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J M Fahey

Check Mouser, DigiKey, etc.


Quote from: J M Fahey on April 16, 2011, 06:47:42 PM
Check Mouser, DigiKey, etc.

Another vote for mouser.com, they've always treated me right.  jameco.com and partsexpress.com are also good places depending what you need.
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Thanks guys. All the caps I'm finding have much smaller packages. Am I searching for the wrong kind of cap? (aluminum electrolytic) or are they just made smaller these days? Do I have to rig up a new mount?

J M Fahey

Technology advanced a lot :tu:, they are much smaller and just as good as old ones :).
You'll have to find a new way of mounting.
Purists will hate me, but I often use transparent silicone sealant to glue them to the chassis in some handy place, since the originals were not PCB mounted anyway but used metallic clamps.
After 24 hours rest (or at least overnight) they are safely mounted, and the sealant provides some shock mounting to boot.
Only silicone sealant or a lot of contact cement, the idea is that the adhesive stays somewhat elastic.
Do not use superglue or epoxy, they are rigid and unattach on the first bump.


I know this is a very old threat but I was wondering if anyone can share the Randall Commander layout schematic. I can not find it online. The normal schematic I found but bo layout on the pcb