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June 05, 2023, 01:38:08 AM

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New Gamma SS Amps

Started by willpirkle, May 21, 2022, 12:49:42 PM

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Ok - curiosity is getting the best of me; I know these new amps are built by Acoustic (now owned by Guitar Center), and they look super-cheapo, but I'm curious about the "100% Analog" circuitry, especially for the distortion channels. No luck finding schematics (yet?) and a quick US patent search turned up nothing. Anyone here got any technical info on these?





100% analog?  My how clever.   That simply means there is no digital in it.  Like no DSP or anything.    Imagine I market a TV set with "genuine full manual direct wired controls".  It just means it doesn't come with a remote, you have to walk to the set to change channels.


Perhaps it accentuates the advantageousness of the 'high headroom' speaker?  ;)


Saw a cheap camera advertised as having a "genuine non-achromatic lens".

And I bet the amp is also gluten free.


Yes, it's a cheap POS. Yes, their copy is full of hackneyed BS.

I'm just interested in seeing what they are using for their non-linear stuff, mainly in the distortion channels, to see if they are offering something interesting, even if it subtle (the Quilter's bias shifting circuit would be a good example), or to see if they are just re-hashing the same tube-screamer-style crap.

Right now, the Katana-style "5 or 6 basic digital models, simple interface" and "digital models on your iphone" amps are dominating the SS guitar amp market. I think that this amp is a risky proposition, if they are just throwing yet another amplified distortion box at the marketplace, even if the price point is low. But, if they've got something unique to offer, then I'm curious to see what they've got going on.




Cheap POS.... ya... maybe...BUT

In this age of "Digital Everything"
I find it somewhat refreshing to see a new all analog SS amp.

I'd also like to see a schematic. Curiosity ya know?
If it ain't broke I'll fix it until it is.



Here is good review of the Gamma amps from Phil McKnight:


All solid state *analog* is now a selling point!

The amp seems OK though they should have added a reverb (which probably wouldn't have increased the cost too much).