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February 23, 2024, 08:34:49 AM

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EHX Howitzer - not sure how I missed this one!

Started by joecool85, November 22, 2021, 11:42:40 AM

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Back in March, EHX released the 15w Howitzer pedal amp.  The difference with this and the older 5mm, 22 Cal, and 44 Magnum, is this has a full preamp in front!  3 Band EQ, normal and bright modes, gain, and master volume.  It also has an effects loop if you want to add some reverb or other inline effects.  Nice little class-d amp with reasonable preamp in front.
I think that from the clips I've heard it sounds great clean and with light overdrive.  When you crank it into saturation it leaves a little to be desired.  With a street price currently at about $140 USD, it's still hard to beat though!


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