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Tubes and Hybrids / MY FIRST TUBE AMP (AX-84, P1)...
« on: October 12, 2009, 01:22:06 PM »
Hi guys,
following Brymus' inquire, I'm posting the building process of this small (5Watts) tube-amp, following the indications from the "AX-84" community.

Just lacks the finishing, the backplate and to fix the "roasting-pan-chassis" to the case.
After finishing 100% I'll post the last pics + some audio demos in MP3.

As previously said, our SSGUITAR's participant JM FAHEY helped me to connect the PT and the OT on it !

Here goes some pics ! Hope you like.

Hi guys,

Diggin' in the net, I've found an old (but interesting) book, which I wish to share with you.

Electronic Projects for Musicians, Craig Anderton, Amsco Publications (year unknown), starts teaching, in a very friendly manner, the basic of electronics bringing 27 DIY projects to the readers, including preamp, compressor, super-tone, etc... (all Solid State).

Here you have the Rapidshare link:

Hope you enjoy, extracting interesting things for your use/knowledge.

Cheers !

Preamps and Effects / Using Ruby circuit as a preamp (line out ?)
« on: May 10, 2009, 12:42:24 PM »
Hi guys !
I'm playing a little with my Ruby amp, wishing to add some features to this little marvel.

One of the options I see is to use it as a preamp, pluggin' it to a old 15Watts' "Dean" amp I have found in a "twilight" zone of my house (a sort of "Lost & Found" room...  ;D )

The question is:
May I plug the instrument in the Ruby and create a line-out connection, which should go to the input of the Dean Amp ?

I've found (inside SSGuitar forum) a link to a line-out schema, which I post here below:

Additional questions:
- Should I use this from the Spk out of my Ruby ?
- Shall I disconnect the spk from the Ruby, or it can remain connected ?
- Can this connection damage the Dean ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Amplifier Discussion / My "Scarface" Ruby
« on: April 04, 2009, 12:16:19 AM »
Hi Guys !,
I'm absolutely new on electronics, but decided that Ruby circuitry should not be a difficult project to do, therefore, started to work on it.
First, I made a proto in a used olive oil box, then, improved little by little until reaching the final stuff I post here:

The weight: 350Grs (without battery)
Dims: 14 cms (w) x 10 cms (h) x 7 cms (deep).

I'll post some photos of the back, as well as make a short movie, so you can hear it.
The case was hand-made in wood, painted with Maxi-Rubber first, and a bi-component varnish for extra protection.
Ortophonic fabric was used for hiding the speaker (3", 8 Ohm) and can be powered by a 9V Battery, or a 12V transformer, according to user's preferences. 

For next builds, I expect to introduce e few mods, such as a) Tone pot and b) headphones jack (still wondering how to disconnect the spkr when pluggin-in the headphones...).

Screws are not pretty at all, but I've already found another alternative for improving the finishing.

Hope you like, and suggestions/ideas are always welcome !
See you.

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