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July 13, 2024, 09:01:29 AM

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Transformer Question

Started by RookieRecurve, July 08, 2024, 07:30:48 PM

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Hi all, I got my kit last week, and was looking at options for powering the amp, and discovered I have a power transformer from an old Dell powered-speaker set.  It outputs 17v AC and 2.5A.  I have a full-bridge DIY rectifier kit on its way to convert it to DC.  I am not sure what the final DC voltage will be, but I am hoping for 16 VDC.  I cut open some shrink wrap on the power supply, and found a 0.1uf 275VAC capacitor in there.  Any ideas what this is for?  It appears to be wired in parallel?  Any thoughts on my proposed power supply?  I figure it's free, and it's great for learning more.


After rectification and a filter cap, the output will be close to 24VDC. To get 16VDC, you will need some kind of Voltage regulator.


I was under the impression that a full-bridge rectifier would drop the voltage?  I guess too much voltage is better than too little as it should be easier to drop it than to increase it.