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July 17, 2024, 04:41:56 PM

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Honey Amp FAQ

Started by joecool85, April 01, 2021, 09:27:41 PM

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Q: Why was the SSG-AMP-1 kit eventually called the "Honey Amp"?
A: My first build using the printed PCBs went into a tea tin.  The second one went into a Honeywell HVAC control box.  I trimmed the "we" in Honeywell and it made "Honeywell" (Honey II).  This means the first one was the Honey and I decided to go with the name.

Q: Where can I purchase a Honey Amp kit?
A: Currently these are not for sale.  The kickstarter has finished and I am mid-process shipping the kits out from that.  Once this is completed, I will be adding a store section to SSGuitar.com where you can purchase a kit then.

Q: How much power can I expect this to make?
A: The power output is dependent primarily on impedance of the speaker the amplifier is connected to as well as the supply voltage applied to the board.  Obviously there also needs to be sufficient input signal strength.  Maximum power for this board is 1.6w on a 16 ohm load using 16v supply voltage.  Using an 8 ohm speaker the maximum power output is going to be 0.85w powered by a 12v supply.  And lowest power comes from a 4 ohm speaker on a 9v supply coming in at only 0.35w.

Q: Can I use this for electric bass?
A: You sure can!  If using this for electric bass, you will want to adjust the output capacitor from the stock 470uF to somewhere around 2,000uF.  You will also probably want to make some changes to the tone stack (adjusted to taste).  Please remember that using a proper electric bass speaker will really be necessary to make this sound decent.

Q: Can I play music through this (mp3 player, cell phone etc)?
A: No problem!  I do this regularly with mine, it works great to drive some speakers for my desk when I want to listen to music on my laptop.  Use the aux input on the board and crank up some tunes!

Q: What about power supply?  What should I use?
A: Most little amps like this end up being powered by batteries, but any stable DC voltage supply ranging from 6v to 18v will work depending on what impedance you have hooked to it.  Recommended max voltage for 4 ohm will be 9v, max for 8 ohm is 14v, max for 16 ohm is 16v.

Q: Can I get clean tones from this amp?
A: While this amp does best for crunchy tones, it does have some tasty clean sounds as well - just at lower volumes.  To get this dialed in, start with gain all the way down and volume at half.  Turn your volume up to the desired level (it may well be maxed out and that is okay).  Then slowly turn the gain knob up until it starts to get a little distortion, back it down just below that point and that is the loudest clean setting you can get.
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