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Honey Amp / Transformer Question
July 08, 2024, 07:30:48 PM
Hi all, I got my kit last week, and was looking at options for powering the amp, and discovered I have a power transformer from an old Dell powered-speaker set.  It outputs 17v AC and 2.5A.  I have a full-bridge DIY rectifier kit on its way to convert it to DC.  I am not sure what the final DC voltage will be, but I am hoping for 16 VDC.  I cut open some shrink wrap on the power supply, and found a 0.1uf 275VAC capacitor in there.  Any ideas what this is for?  It appears to be wired in parallel?  Any thoughts on my proposed power supply?  I figure it's free, and it's great for learning more.
Amplifier Discussion / Switching Jacks Question
April 10, 2024, 09:54:57 AM
Hey all, I am looking to add a speaker jack to a fraken-amp that I assembled, but not in the traditional configuration.  I am looking to use the combo-amp as an external speaker cabinet, as opposed to having the amp switching to an external speaker cabinet.  I am looking at a Switchcraft 13A (transfer circuit) jack to achieve this.  Is this the right part for the job?  Will sharing the ground from the external amp, the internal amp, and the speakers work?  Do I need something to completely switch circuits (hot and ground)?  I have seen other setups that use two standard jacks, and then use a jumper cable to mitigate, but I prefer to have one input jack to keep things clean and simple.