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August 12, 2022, 07:52:55 PM

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Plush PRB 1000S dead

Started by markorock37, July 04, 2015, 01:48:40 AM

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I have a Plush PRB 1000S come in to the shop, no OT, no tubes, a burnt choke, no fuse holder, and a burnt trace on the power tube board. Off the bat I'm guessing a Showman OT may work? Also wondering what the preamp
tubes were? A schematic would go a long ways, I read it may be a Showman or Twin copy?


These pics show 4 6l6's so it's in 100watt class, could almost bet preamp is 12ax7 maybe at7 for PI.


J M Fahey

A TUBE amp , disguised as a SOLID STATE one?

It's the second one I ever saw , the other was a late 60's Japanese one pretending to be one of the infamous Fender SS Dual Showman or something.

Guess the business plan didn't go too well.

If I ain't wrong (might be, but I'm certain Teemu will know the full story), Plush also copied Peavey looks and got sued to death.



You mean like they just used the tube chassis and put a SS in there?  Would that explain the burnt choke?


No, sorry if I wasn't clear.

They did it twice  :duh

First they copied the schematic of a Fender Twin or Dual Showman tube amp, (same thing) , used a narrower and taller chassis with one channel on top of the other, more typical of then current SS amps than then current tube amps (with a long narrow front panel with knobs in a long line) and to boot packaged it in an SS Kustom cabinet lookalike, complete with tuck and roll Naugahyde covering, even copying the "Frankenstein" version, so called for it huge "forehead" , yours shows the top panel much wider than the bottom one.
What were they thinking?

Guess which of these Kustom heads might be nicknamed "Frankenstein" :

Not to be outdone, then they made an amp head which by design, silkscreening, layout, etc could be considered an (unlabelled)  Peavey head, so much so that Peavey also sued them ... but still hiding a Tube Fender clone inside  :lmao:

FIRM candidates to commercial Darwin awards.


It's actually a nice fat trace pcb, two boards, one for the preamp and one for the poweramp. I can fix the burnt trace. Whoever was in this thing also raided all the electrolytics so I'd bet this thing has been doa for quite some time. The rectifier looks fried as well. It's all rebuildable, just not sure my customer is going to like the price! Classictone has a tranny for $72, probably not as good as what was in there but should work. Looks like an old Kustom tuck and roll amp, but it's all tube. There was 2 of the 4 power tubes still in it, different brands too, I bet they just stuck whatever in there and fried it. I also heard they stole from Fender and Peavey, went out of business in '74.


Upon further testing, I discovered the power transformer is shorted as well and will result in too much investment into this basket case of an amp. Looks like another bites the dust.