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Preamps and Effects / Re: EVH 5153 preamp with LND150
« on: April 23, 2020, 12:32:32 PM »
Hi.... I had the 50W 5153 and did the exact same thing with a EVH cabinet and 2 Xitone passive FRFRs. I had 2 Matrix 800 power amps. I used the headphone out of the 5153 into the input of the Axe FX. Amp sim on the Axe Fx off and then ran cabinet sims going to the 2 Xitones and then you have to run a effects loop block to send the dry signal to the real EVH cabinet. The headphone out on the 5153 has a simulated 412 cab sim but it is so minimal sounding that it doesn't effect the tone when you add the cabinet sims in the Axe Fx.

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