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So you need a preamp - here are your options

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1. Line out from your amp
2. Build a preamp
3. Buy a preamp

I know it seems basic, but it is important to remember.  Just a power amp is not a guitar amp.  Not even close.  You need a preamp not only for tone, but also to boost the signal so you can get full potential out of the power amp.

Would something like this be useable. Or is a 9v powered unit
not enough output to be useable.

Is there a good DIY preamp? GGG and Tonepad show some projects as a preamp
but they are really just a booster. That couldnt be used right?

el mo:
i wouldn't say that any project couldn't be used per se. if it works always depends on the input sensitivity of your power amp and, to a degree, on the supply voltage of your circuit;

many of the projects at can be converted to being good preamps
especially if you run them on 18v or 30v.
there are some useful links in the schematics section of the forum as well,for example
under " various schematic websites"

If I use a flipster as A preamp on a LM3886 Poweramp, What is the best voltage to run it at, I would need a seperate transformer wouldnt I?

Would It have to be a toroid or will a normal transformer do?

You can use power off the other transistor, but its not really recommended, and its easier with a separate one.  A regular CT transformer should be fine.


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