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March 22, 2023, 10:07:35 PM

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Famous guitarists who play solid state amps

Started by joecool85, January 19, 2022, 04:03:10 PM

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Guitar.com did a great article about famous guitarists who play solid state amps.  It seems everybody knows about people like BB King playing a Lab 5, or Kirk Hammett using a Roland JC-120 for his clean sound on a few tracks.  Some interesting ones though are the users of the Marshall MG series amps (Wayne Static) and *Marshall Valvestate (Billy Gibbons). 

So, who are your favorite artists using solid state amps?

* To be clear, the Valvestate does have a tube in the preamp, so it isn't completely solid state.

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Dino Boreanaz

I think Billy Gibbons also used the Marshall Lead 12 to record My Head's In Mississippi.


Alex Lifeson recorded Power Windows with a GK250ML, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden used the GK2100SEL in the early 90's, Bob Weir used a McIntosh MC-2300 solid state power amp with a Furman preamp in the early/mid 70s. Wes Montgomery used a Standel Super Custom XV in the 60's.