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June 23, 2024, 10:53:04 PM

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Peavey Renown

Started by Hawk, June 26, 2015, 09:12:28 AM

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In your #2  post, you put up the schematic of the amp, it includes the footswitch wiring, and also indicates a DIN plug rather than an XLR.


I see it. Thanks Enzo. :cheesy:


Always more questions: so on the schematic it shows GN. Ground or Green?

I have two pedals that were supplied with the amp. Both Peaveys, one says Peavey Automixer and has three pushbuttons (Selector, Combiner, and Reverb) and has a green, black, red and ground wire. In this scenario there is no white wire which the Schematic calls for.

The other pedal says Peavey Automixer and has two pushbuttons (Selector and Combiner) and has a red,white, green and ground wire. In this scenario there is no black wire which the Schematic calls for.

According to the schematic we need a red, white, black and GN wire(ground or green?).

Each pedal appears to be missing the correct wire colour that matches the schematic. Wiring suggestions?? ???


Wire it so it works.  I never worry about wire color nor do I assume wire colors are constant.

Open your pedal and note wire wire colors inside it.  According to the drawing the selects are pins 2 and 5, which are shown as green and black.   Inside the pedal, the select switch should have three wires.  One is a short one over to the combiner switch, and that could be any color.  Then the remaining two wires go up the cable.  Are they black and green?  If they are something else, just note that and adapt.  Even if they wind up purple and pink, they still get wired to pins 2 and 5.

Look between the two post controls and U2a.  See the balls marked norm select, lead select and reverb?   Those are the footswitch connections.  Channels are "selected" by grounding the other signal path.  Want lead?  Ground normal.  Those are pins 2 and 5.  You can ground either pin with a wire to see if it functions for you.  That is how I do them, I verify the pin is wired to the appropriate point in the amp, then verify the pedal is also wired the same.

The combiner simply opens the ground path to the selector switch.  Then neither channel can be grounded off, and so both are "combined".   The remaining switch is a reverb grounder.  Kills the reverb.