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yes sir I certainly did consider paying it forward so one of the members here could enjoy it but even for a little amp it was pretty heavy and I figured shipping $$ would get out of hand.
I definitely will consider that in the future I have tons of smaller stuff that people might want.

when I was at the music store I was drooling over this MIM strat

You cannot view this attachment.

but was able to leave without it... :)
im gonna see if the small shop will take it back (let me donate it, not sell it back)
if not I will try to get a lowball offer from GC

it is like new, bought it in 2020....nice amp i enjoyed it but I have too much stuff and it has been on CL for a while at ridiculously low price...with not one inquiry.

its easy to have scorn for this new stuff but i did play the heck out of it

I know one thing though some people are really good at dialing i  different presets...and some arent....(raises hand)

nevertheless...i had some cool presets with corny names...

Blizzard Lead

Faces Losing You


Enthralled  (named for Pat Thrall)

and some others i cant recall atm

it had a nice built in tuner though

thanks guys

Mr. may downplay what you know and I applaud your humbleness...but I read all the old posts and you have fixed and help fixed a ton of stuff.   :)
but I get your message...

Mr. TV I have some nice Jameco breadboards and a couple nice power supplies...and have procrastinated ordering components to play with.  thank you for the recommendation on a source for them.  I have been reluctant to order because I want to make sure I get stuff that has a good diameter ample lead to use.

Mr. LoudThud I appreciate you being here to help...Im ready to look stupid as long as I learn  :)

back to the light switch question...they are all single pole switches right?

well guys you got me

I tried to put the three switches in parallel and that works for any one of them turning it on
but none can turn it off

and then the opposite if i put all three in series..

so then i started drawing different combinations progressing to a delta and or wye

so no i dont know.....

but i dont want to cheat and look it up

so I will continue to work on it while watching hockey

I just started another book and it is really good but they immediately had me doing Thevenin and Norton exercises.

I was like "oh no not again plugging and chugging exercises.."

but I guess i will work through it and get to the good stuff...lots of circuits...yeah  :)

I reckon knowing it will help me somehow down the line

sorry I cant help

but welcome to the site

hopefully someone will come along and know how to fix this
yes sir thank you

its been a couple years i have been trying to learn this stuff.  I eventually thought I could buy my way into knowing it.
I had three Peak Atlas testers...a dca55? lcr45? and the one for capacitors....ended up selling them off because I needed to know the fundamentals and diode tests between emitter and stuff...observing multimeters hooked to short I needed to learn what was going on.
I even had a nice hakko fr301 which was so nice but I felt spoiled and sold it.  felt like i need to pay my dues and come up old school.
then I was watching videos of people in other countries fixing stuff with hardly any resources...and people in the US using their knowledge and experience.

anyhow just rambling thanks for listening. 

I went back and read most of the posts in this section going back to 2009 and stuff.  lots of success stories.

I enjoyed reading the unselfish contributions of the heavy hitters here and wonder where some of them are if they have moved on or passed on R.I.P.  :-[

anyhow its a gold mine of technical info and entertaining as well.

my hat is off to those with the knowledge and experience helping out in all of those threads, asking nothing in return.

the new part that was installed (the big thing with a ground tab and hole in the middle)

You cannot view this attachment.
The Newcomer's Forum / SSGUITAR success storie(s)
May 03, 2023, 02:45:31 PM
the guys at SSGuitar fixed my Peavey amp.  I bought it from a place where it had been collecting dust for probably decades.  I brought it home and it worked good but would cut out (go silent) sometimes coming back on and sometimes not.  I figured it was a sketchy input jack or some crusty old connection having problems.
It was frustrating but the sound was so killer \m/ i loved using it and putting up with it.
eventually it went silent and remained silent.  I read and watched lots of stuff about the effects loop and headphone jack etc to no avail.
I joined this place and the guys jumped right in to help.  they asked me different questions and asked me to check different things.
eventually they focused on a voltage measurement that didnt make sense and upon their recommendation I ordered the inexpensive component and replaced it.
and the amp now works...and sounds awesome.
no high tech tools were used.  just a multimeter, soldering iron, solder, desoldering wick and some hand tools.
it was kinda tricky getting the board out and inverted to work on it...and honestly when I soldered the new part in I was more nervous than someone doing brain surgery.
but it was a success and I want to shout out to the members here thanks for all of your help.

I reckon you guys knew this all along but I think with your help I learned a lesson here....

devices can appear to test "good" out of circuit and still be bad

thanks guys !   

too funny...I was at work reading this and I was thinking man I sure dont remember any red dots or plus and minus signs...Im gonna have to go back and look when I get home!

so Im looking at the pic and plain as day...there it is...the red dot(s)

The Newcomer's Forum / Peavey speaker polarity
May 02, 2023, 10:55:03 AM
I have read that yellow and red are pos
and blue and black are neg...
but i can not find any markings on the speakers or terminal

You cannot view this attachment.


meanwhile I will keep sounds good to me as is idk

THANKS AGAIN FOR FIXING MY AMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry to ask two more questions to the SSGUITAR GODS

(I humbly bow down to them)

1.  does speaker polarity matter?  I have blue and yellow on one and red and black on the other

2.. do I need to put a little heat sink on that part we just installed.

you guys #1!!!!
well you guys fixed it

You cannot view this attachment.

YOU GUYS FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SSGUITAR #1 !!!!!!!!!!!


 :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)