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Amplifier Discussion / To re-cap or not to re-cap??
June 29, 2015, 01:04:11 PM
I have a mid 80's Randall head, and this amp is getting quite old, but it has never failed me yet and sounds as good as it always has. Thing is I'm worried about the caps going, and killing the amp. It doesn't have any real symptoms of dying filter capacitors, but i'm wondering if replacing them is necessary and the smart decision or not?? I know it is common for tube amps to need a re-cap after about 20 years or so and I have had caps in a couple Mesa's fail on me, but tube amps run much hotter voltages. Is this repair just as common in old SS amps?

Do I recap or just leave as is, since it has no obvious symptoms? I do notice idle hum, but that has been the case with every RG i've used... and it's just a quiet background hum. Also... If I do replace them, is it going to change the amps tone in any way? Positive or negative, and how so??
I was thinking about buying one to replace my aging 80's RG heads. I've heard they are based upon the old Irvine made models?? but I am wondering if they live up to that tone wise?? Anyone try one? Interested in the RG3003H head in particular.