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sorry forgot to add...the speakers were disconnected during the testing...dunno if that matters
well I googled 4558 pin out, removed the chassis and turned it on and measured the pins 4 and 8

I need to find my mini grabbers because I was slip slidin away like Paul Simon worried I was going to short something out.

pin 4 to ground -9.36v

pin 8 to ground -0.64v

pin 4 to pin 8  -8.73v

all measurements rechecked a few times

btw my chip or whatever had these markings

731 A B
RC 4558P

with a Texas Instruments? logo
and thank God for that circle mark I guess that helped me know which way was up...TM Richard Pryor

also I noticed a nice wooden adjustable chassis holder in a D-Lab video I thought he had bought it but a vendor sent it to him.
I want to put something like that together sure would be nice
thanks for the homework assignment I was going to check in and say I bid on a scope earlier today but didnt win. 

well....Im off to find pin 4 and pin 8  :)
thanks again guys
I tried running both preamp out to an old working Crate 15 combo and it was silent.
I am in this for the long haul so I am working on making a signal input like 1 khz connected to a guitar cable for testing.
then for trying to track the signal I might make an audible guitar cable plus capacitor to amp type signal tracer or maybe a cheap scope.

 thanks for the help
thanks guys I have tried a little bit of different things....trying to upload a pic of the back
I need to figure out how to do that and get back to you.
but all I have on the back is three jacks...footswitch, preamp out 1, preamp out 2

thanks again
I have an amp (Peavey Audition Chorus) that used to play and intermittently cut out (silence) and a while back it cut out for good.

I was thinking about checking continuity on each volume, tone etc pot

The Newcomer's Forum / hey guys Saturated here
March 18, 2023, 10:38:09 AM
thanks for letting me join!!!  I usually am a long time lurker before joining a forum but this place I wanted to start right away!  I was extremely impressed to say the least...just the old archived info threads are valuable and killer. Trust me I have been poring over them.
about me if anybody cares...Im old!  born in the 60s, love cats, metal, lawnmowers, and history.  im one lucky SOB and dont take the gift of every day lightly.  I wish I knew then what I know now.
but im not complaining.
anyhow I love the old Peavey amps..I have a rage 108 that probably nobody else would ever be able to bear to listen to but the old Peavey tone really hits home for me. 

I am really interested in electronics and have made it through about 3 1/2 books working all of the problems and everything.  Unfortunately I still cant fix anything and decided I would have to do some actual HANDS ON and bought some breadboards and exp electronic books for actual doing stuff.  So I can solve circuits for Kirchoffs law, talk about hole current and minority carriers and find resonant frequencies etc but cant make my silent Peavey Audition Chorus make a sound!

so I will make a thread about my quiet Peavey but meanwhile thanks for having me!!!