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The Newcomer's Forum / Sunn Beta Lead/Bass Builds?
June 14, 2022, 09:22:44 AM
Hello folks, first-time post.

Originally, I had joined because I was trying to suss out the issues of my daughter's Orange 12L amp, and it turned out to be the 4558 chip.

But!  I have built several pedals and find electronics pretty fun.  My favorite pedal currently is one that I built myself--the Sunn Beta Lead/Bass based on the PCB by PCB Guitar Mania and kitted by Das Musikding.  It had nothing but issues, but when I finally got it fired up--just wow.  Really amazing cleans, massive distortion, and the EQ is the stuff.  No idea how close it is to the real deal, but it made me want to try to build the actual thing.

I can find schematics, but other than wiring to board, and creating my own enclosure, are there any other options?  And yes, I did see the option to buy a broken one and fix it, but even that is suffering the "Peavey syndrome" and what was once affordable is now desirable and boutique and costs the money$$.  Is it kitted somewhere?