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I have a Zoom G3 which I want to connect to a PC for recording. It originally came with Cubase LE but that doesn't seem to be available any longer.  Not sure if the G3 is even compatible with Windows 10.
Any ideas?

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If it has a USB port then it's likely to work with most software and on most of the later win versions. You might need to update the USB interface.
Others here will likely know more.

Now got it working with Audacity. Just had to mess with the sound input settings and install driver on PC. Emailed Zoom to see if I can get a download code for Cubase also. Maybe Audacity is just as good? Mainly just want to record my own ideas.

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I doubt you will need an old version of software to do what you ask.
Many of those Audio programs will do the same job.

as far as I know you will need an USB interface between FX and a PC.
When I got mine Zoom I got Behringer U-Controll UCA202 as a smallest and affordable for learning / experimenting.
It works good with Audacity.

Also very handy with the Zoom;
ToneLib ZOOM
It gives you the full control over the Fx box from your computer.



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