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May 19, 2022, 04:17:00 AM

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NAMM 2021 release - Behringer HA practice amps

Started by joecool85, January 31, 2021, 10:14:48 AM

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Behringer showed off their new line of practice amps during the virtual 2021 NAMM.  These look like a return to the basic workhorse line of practice amps very similar to Fender's now-retired "Frontman" series (technically the 10G is still in production).  These new amps come in 10, 20, and 40 watt ratings with 6", 8", or 10" speakers respectively.  The 20 and 40 model feature reverb.  All amps have two channels and three band EQ.  They also claim to utilize "Virtual Tube Circuit" technology.  Honestly, I think we need to stop calling things "tube this" or "tube that" and just have good-sounding amps regardless of what is inside.

Pricing TBD, but it is Behringer so you know it will be on the lower end of MSRP.

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I know what the general feeling is about and honestly I will not argue the point of Behringer being a company known for "emulating" (aka stealing) other companies ideas/designs and producing them at a fraction of the cost in their own (as in "owned") chinese village, thus being able to sell them dirt cheap. Obviously this is unfair competition galore!

But try to explain this to a high school aspring guitarist who can't afford boutique prices for gear. I mean you can currently buy Behringer's TO800 (an exact copy of Ibanez's TubeScreamer) for $18.00+tax+free shipping at a certain online mega-store and you know what? Many online tests, some from reputable experts, claim that the Behringer pedal sounds equally well as the Ibanez does, if not better. I own both, and I agree with at least the first part of the claim, not sure about the "better" though. 

So, I hear you JoeCool85 the VTC technology is nothing more than a fancy marketing ploy (I have reverse engineered an AT108 acoustic amp with VTC and could not find what the heck VTC is or where it is coming from in the circuit, perhaps the german/chinese engineers are way too smart for my electronics skills). It would be interesting to hear the 20 and 40 watt version and decide if they are worth their expected cheap prices.

Thanks for the head's up.


I like how Behringer has improved through the years. It makes decent stuff
I mean old amps & pedals are not bad, but their design was terrible