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February 29, 2024, 11:38:28 PM

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NAD : Randall RG 300 Commander and a mystery vintage Randall 412?

Started by Morgoth, February 02, 2024, 03:06:14 PM

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Scooped the head a while back when I saw one appear, but still don't really know much of the history or any actual details on this model specifically. Says 500 watts on the back, also has an extra 1/4" input on the back I haven't seen in any of my digging.

And picked up an old Randall 4x12 a few days ago on a whim for very very cheap that's loaded with Jaguar DX 100es speakers. Can't seem to find any cabs that were made by Randall though where they loaded the thing with the res100 and not the 80s.

The cab is split internally by a thick piece of wood.

Only IDs I could find are extremely vague due to the cab being pretty beaten up.

And good god it's heavy, felt like I was moving a 6x12.
Anyone know anything about em?

All the internals are Randall.

Trying to figure out the speakers though.
Never seen or heard of the 100s being in a 4x12.

Got a super blurry picture but pretty sure they're eminence Jaguars based off of the "67"

Also, they sound incredible. Easily one of the best rigs I've played for doom AND blackmetal.


I can't find any info on the old Randall R-412 DXT cab neither, are there any more markings on the speakers ?
Look at the back of the speaker cones and on the metal frames, sometimes there is information with speaker dates and builds etc.

The amp is 300 watts output but it uses 500 watts to make the 300 watts for the speaker. Some valve amps are much worse then that.
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