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May 23, 2024, 01:56:14 AM

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Newb here

Started by Koreth, December 07, 2009, 03:38:55 PM

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Greetings. I found this place via music-electronics-forum.com (Ampage?). I have some threads over there with some of my questions, but I figured this place would be a good place to cross-post with some of them since this place has a Solid state focus, and some of my music gear is purely solid state.

Should I throw my immediate questions into this thread or start another one in another section of the forums appropriate for it?


If you have a specific question I would start a new thread in that catagory.

J M Fahey

Hi Koreth, welcome.
First search around (in SSGuitar) a little using differents keywords, maybe what you need has already been asked or solved before.
If you don't, or find the answers were far from what you need, feel free to ask, as was suggested above.

J M Fahey

Mr "Kung" is a FAKE "novice".
He does not want to learn anything at all, but to make us buy what his company distributes.
He is widely known in *many* Forums around the world, under different names.
In some of them, he is called a "Troll" or a "Leech", not as an insult but as a description of his practices.