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Interesting question... about an amp and wiring speakers in series.

Started by baronvonblah, June 17, 2009, 02:07:55 PM

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Ok here it goes.....

Let's say I have an amp in the which output is 25 Ohms that I would like to use to power a self built cabinet.

How could I do this?

Wire 3 8 Ohm Speakers in Series and add a 1 Ohm Resistor? Is that completely nuts? Is there any better way (Besides telling me just to get a different amp lol) to do this? Thanks in advance!

J M Fahey

3 x 8 ohm speakers in series will do fine. I wonder why your amp has such an oddball impedance.



SOlid state amps have no inherent load impedance, they are rated to a minimum impedance.  I have never seen an amp with a minimum impedance load remotely as high as 25 ohms.  I also cannot imagine a tube amp with a 25 ohm output winding.

What I CAN imagine is a PA amp with 70v and 25v outputs along with the 8 ohms and whatever.  In those cases - like old Bogen amps - that 25v is intended for a constant voltage wiring scheme.  It is not 25 ohms though.

Just what on earth do you have there?