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The Newcomer's Forum / LA4282 in BTL bridge mode?
February 15, 2024, 03:10:24 AM
I was given a LA4282 from my fathers workshop (he repaired lots of TVs in the 90s).
To use this for my guitar projects, I would like to know if I can bridge this like a LA4440 for example, and what external circuitry is needed.
The LA4282 already has input and feedback resistors for a gain of 101 integrated.



I bought this "Starmaker 8015" combo to use the cabinet for my first diy build. I got it for 10€ and assumed it is just some asian made department store crap - although the cab looked very well made. Now I opened it up and see that there are almost only british made components inside; the jacks are original cliff, the switch is a swann 51 (jcm800 style) and the speaker a Celestion G10-20!
The pots are RadiOhm and the electrolytic caps are made in Japan.
It also sounds very nice, if you don't dial in too much bass, this is a clean only amp, there is no distortion circuit.
So has anyone ever heard about this amps? And where they were offered in the 80s? Google only shows me some classifieds where these amps were offered, but mostly in (eastern-) european countries.
Hello there,
my name is Martin and I joined here because I have this design idea, and I bet there will be more to come after that. Although I'm an electrics/electronics professional, my knowledge is more about energy distribution, generation and sensors/actors. So I'm not necessarily an expert in signal processing, that's where this forum comes into play.
I have this vision to make a small practice amp, where I use a Drive55 pedal pcb as a preamp and the Vellemann K4001(TDA2003) as the power amp. This will be built into a combo cabinet with a 10" speaker. For the power supply I would like to use a toroidal transformer (2x 6V/1,25A secondary, can be bridged).
My first question is, how do put this all together, what is additionally needed impedance-wise between the modules and modifications on the Vellemann board?

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