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January 28, 2023, 09:10:36 PM

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Seeking recommendations for Yamaha G100 112 repair

Started by zumajim, June 09, 2022, 04:26:49 PM

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I pulled my very vintage Yamaha G100 112 from storage recently and found a really nasty issue with the reverb. The smallest tweak of the reverb knob results in a very (painfully) loud pop from the speaker, regardless of the volume knob settings on either channel. I love a little reverb, but I was forced to disconnect the reverb tank to use the amp at all. Thank goodness for RCA plugs. (I have minimal electronics know how, but I can disconnect things with the best of 'em.)

I live in the Southern California area and would like to have the amp looked over by someone with experience. Any suggestions are very welcome.




ANy competent amp tech can handle this repair.

Look inside your reverb pan.  The innards are suspended inside by four short springs.  It is free to bounce around.   Make sure it hasn't been bounced up and on top of the little posts.  Also check that one of the long springs has not broken.


Thanks Enzo,

I took your advice and removed the reverb tank. No springs broken or out of place. I did take some Deoxit to the RCA plugs on both sides and gave the reverb pot a good dose too, working the knob back and forth for a good long time. Reassembled and voila! A working reverb and no startling pops when I adjust the level. Amazing!

So glad I discovered this forum! Please consider this post answered.